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Embassy Bank Security Center Fraud Protection Tools & Tips

We Take Fraud Seriously

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Identifying Fraud

Have You Been Contacted by Someone Who:

  • Claims to be with law enforcement, a financial institution or regulatory agency and has asked you to withdraw money to help with a criminal investigation?
  • Is a stranger or someone from another country and has asked you to make a withdrawal for any reason?
  • Befriended you and is now asking you to reinvest your money or to share cash or valuables?
  • Claims to be a city inspector, employee or repairman that has found code violations or repairs that are necessary to your home or property or insists that you owe money for a service?
  • Claims to have found money that they will share with you if you give them a “good faith” payment?
  • Claims that a recently deceased spouse made a large purchase before their death and now you are obligated to pay for it?
  • Has asked you to send money in order to claim a much larger prize or much larger amount of money?

Are You Being Pressured to:

  • Give someone money (stranger, friend, or family member)?
  • Transfer title to your home, property or other asset?
  • Make someone a joint account holder on one or more of your accounts?
  • Make someone power of attorney?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’:

It is likely that you have been misguided and are being taken advantage of financially. We recommend that you speak with a bank representative before completing a transaction.

Tips & Best Practices

Monitor Your Account Activity & Balance Your Accounts!


  • Change any passwords associated with compromised accounts
  • Change ALL of your passwords frequently
  • Create STRONG passwords
  • Never use the same password across various accounts

Monitor Your Credit

  • Subscribe for a reputable credit monitoring service
  • Obtain a FREE credit report at
    (NOTE: each of the 3 agency reports may be pulled one time per year. Pull just 1 today, wait a few months, pull the 2nd and then the 3rd later to monitor your account for free year-round!)

Notify the bank immediately of any unusual activity

Fraud Protection Resources

Safety Tips

With the ever-evolving threat of financial fraud, it's important to stay educated. Stay up-to-date with tips and best practices concerning online, in-store, and at-home fraud.

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Fraud Protection Alerts

Embassy Bank consumer and business debit cardholders have the ability to receive fraud alerts via text message to confirm activity on their card. Are you protected?

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Travel Tips & Card Security

When traveling, it is important to be aware of the ever growing risks of debit/credit card fraud and identity theft so you can protect yourself and your accounts.

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Identity Theft

If your Social Security number is stolen it can be used to file a fraudulent tax return. What do taxpayers need to know to protect themselves?

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Have You Been a Victim of Fraud?

Please reach out immediately. Contact Embassy Bank at (610) 882-8800, or reach out to one of the resources listed below for next steps in preventing further damages to your finances, credit, or worse.

Reporting Fraud

Credit Bureau Fraud Departments


Fraud Victim Assistance Department
P.O. Box 6790
Fullerton, CA 92834

Phone: 800-680-7289
Website: Click Here

Equifax Credit Information Services

Consumer Fraud Division
P.O. Box 740256
Atlanta, GA 30374

Phone: 800-525-6285
Website: Click Here


Experian's National Consumer Assistance
P.O. Box 2002
Allen, TX 75013

Phone: 888-397-3742
Website: Click Here

Federal Trade Commission

Phone: 877-ID-THEFT
FTC Website: Click Here
Consumer Website: Click Here

Other Resources

Credit Bureau Pre-Screen Opt-Out

Phone: 888-567-8688
Website: Click Here

Free Credit Report

Website: Click Here